BRAXIS, master cylinders give technicians a new part that fits each application as well as the original. Here at BRAXIS, we take pride in the fact that our master cylinders match OE fit, form and function.

We are confident in the components used in the construction of our master cylinders, and guarantee a performance that is as good as, or better than, the OE part.

BRAXIS master cylinders have vehicle-specific designs and are made from either cast iron or aluminum materials. Each master cylinder comes ready to install with all new parts, including castings, pistons, return springs, components.

New pistons and return springs are vital to the performance of a car’s brake system, helping to prevent brake drag. Brake drag can cause the caliper and rotor to overheat, which will wear down your brake pads and rotor prematurely.

BRAXIS master cylinders are 100 percent pressure tested and meet SAEJ1153 and J1154 requirements for reliability and performance. The master cylinder’s bore size and finish matches OE specifications, preventing fluid bypass, which can cause a loss of hydraulic pressure. High quality rubber components offer superior resistance to heat, corrosion, leakage. The bleeder screws on our master cylinders are coated with a hardened coating. This provides extra protection and added durability for a longer service life.