BRAXIS, Wheel Cylinders are a premium solution in the aftermarket industry. Each BRAXIS wheel cylinder is built for a long service life and features the highest quality components, delivering top-of-the-line performance and safety.

We match every detail to OE specifications, from the materials to the vehicle-specific designs. Matching OE specifications ensures a performance that is consistent, safe, reliable. 

BRAXIS, guarantee that our wheel cylinders will perform as good or better than the OE part.

BRAXIS wheel cylinders have vehicle-specific designs and are made from either cast iron or aluminum materials. Our wheel cylinders are 100 percent pressuretested, ensuring a dependable and leak-free performance. A smooth bore finish delivers a high-quality seal. This increases the life of the rubber parts and ensures a leak-free performance. High quality rubber components offer superior resistance to heat, corrosion, leakage.

The bleeder screws on our wheel cylinders are coated with a hardened coating. This provides extra protection and added durability for a longer service life.