BRAXIS APB - A system with a future,

The vision of a self-driving car that can deal with any situation imaginable is slowly becoming a reality. APB technology already plays a key role at the current development stage of this project. Other aspects also point to a bright future for APB.

More interior comfort, hill-hold assist, fuel consumption, auto hold, emergency braking, rollover protection, static braking, automatic deactivation/activation.

Important elements of the electronically controlled system are the APB switch, an electronic control unit and the APB brake caliper.

The latter also serves as the base element of the APB as this brake caliper features an additional electric motor that actuates the electronic parking brake by excerpting pressure on the piston by way of a gear, which in turn excerpts pressure on the brake linings and disks. The parking brake is therefore integrated in a space-saving manner directly in the APB brake caliper.